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De aapklok firmware voor de versie met ESP12E (main cpu) en Arduino (ledstring controller)
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Getting started

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The clock is currently in beta testing phase. It can and will contain bugs. Please send us all your bugs so that we can fix them and improve the software.

  • The sourcecode, firmware, bugreports and documentation + wiki is available via

    Connecting with the clock

  • The clock uses wifi for configuration. The SSID of the device is AAPKLOK_xxxxxxxxxxxx.
  • The device has no default password.
  • Connect your computer to SSID AAPKLOK_xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Wait until the connection is established.
  • The computer may complain that the Wifi station has no internet connectivity. This is OK.
  • Connect your web-browser to
  • The configuration site should appear.


Wifi configuration

  • Connect your web-browser to and check if the device is already connected
  • If not connected then click the "Wifi configuration" button or go to
  • a list with all available wifi access points should appear.
  • Select your wifi access point from the list and click it.
  • Enter the password (if required)
  • Wait until the device is connected
  • If the device is not connected after 60 seconds then reset the device by switching power off and on and reconnect to the AAPKLOK wifi

Wifi configuration

Time configuration

  • Connect your web-browser to and change the led colors and effects
  • Backgroundcolor is not supported yet.

Time configuration