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De aapklok firmware voor de versie met ESP12E (main cpu) en Arduino (ledstring controller)
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=AAPKLOK= The Aapklok is a ledstring klok. This version uses wifi to communicate with the user and with ntp-timeservers.

It requires an Arduino (we used a nano) and an ESP8266 (we used the ESP12e devkit)

  • The Arduino is controlling the ledstring and receiving serial data to sync the time. Serial input is formatted as e.g. "$t=13:14:32\n". The Arduino does nothing else.
  • The Esp is responsible for network stuff and user interaction and everything else....and sends a timestring with a regular interval to the Arduino via the Serial port.
  • Separation is done because ws2812 ledstring requires a lot of time when using high framerates (120 times/second) and it is more rubust.

[ledstring] <---> [Arduino] <---> [Esp] <---> [user]