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Ledstring displays wrong time and wrong colors #1

Closed rein opened this issue on 11 Jan - 3 comments

rein commented on 11 Jan

Ledstring time and colors are sometimes changing to a bogus value.
(Communication between Arduino and ESP is not stable)

rein commented on 11 Jan

Serial data is sent correctly by ESP but is not always the same as data received by Arduino.

Caused by:
The Arduino is working with 5V and the ESP is working with 3.5V.
A diode is place beween Esp (TX) and Arduino (RX) to make sure the Arduino cannot blow-up the ESP due to different voltage levels.
Maybe this diode is not the right value or a proper solution at all.

We have to research a more reliable solution. There are multiple options:
-Use a standard level converter
-Use a better diode
-Use something else

rein commented on 21 Jan

Problem can be solved by removing the diode and connecting ESP-TX to Arduino-RX directly.
Make sure -Arduino RX is defined as INPUT and ESP-TX is defined as OUTPUT else you can blow up the ESP by feeding it 5V from Arduino -RX

rein commented on 21 Jan

Needs some more testing before closing this issue.

rein closed this issue on 21 Jan

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