rein / aapklok-esp12e
De aapklok firmware voor de versie met ESP12E (main cpu) en Arduino (ledstring controller)
rein authored on 15 Jan 2018
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The Aapklok is a light emitting diode clock.


  • Led clock with 60 RGB neopixel leds
  • Wifi (for internet connectivity)
  • Uses NTP time server for time synchronisation
  • Web based configuration
  • All colors are user configurable

It requires an Arduino (we used a nano) and an ESP8266 (we used the ESP12e devkit)

  • The Arduino only responsibility is controlling the ledstring. It is fully dedicated to this task.
  • The Esp is responsible for everything else (network/wifi/webserver/configuration/etc)

[ledstring] <----> [Atmel328p] <----> [Esp8266] <---> [user]


Wiring diagram Image